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Positional Series – Quarterback

Following on our positional series, the next position is Quarterback. The most visible and well known position, being Quarterback means having a wide range of skills to help the offense get ascendancy on the field. The two most popular styles of Quarterback are the dual – threat and the pro-style. A dual threat QB can use his legs as well as his arm to either run the ball or throw downfield. RG3 and Colin Kaepernick are the most well known dual threats, but you see this style a lot in college football. The pro-style or pocket passing QB is most personified by Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. These QB’s are masters of the passing game. Good passers have a good arm, are accurate and handle pressure well.All styles of QB”s need to be smart, be able to make quick decisions under pressure, and communicate well to their teammates. Size isn’t as important in this position, but height helps. If you are confident, and could see yourself as a Quarterback, come down to training and see how you go. Ages 14+ (Seniors and Juniors)

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