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2020/2021 Season Highlights

This past Gridiron West season the Claremont Jets partnered with the Perth Blitz to field teams under one club. The Jets were proud to support their first associated Women’s team who had an impressive post-season semi-final appearance.

Let’s take a look at the Blitz Women’s Offensive and Defensive Highlights from the 20/21 season.

This past Gridiron West season the merged Jets/Blitz juniors team ran under the Jets banner. The strengthened U19s featured many experienced players and achieved a grand final appearance. Here are the Offense and Defensive Highlights.
The Jets and the Blitz worked together this season under a new QB and a new name to take on Gridiron West. The team sported multiple offensive weapons and a robust OLine. Defensively we saw many powerhouses share the field together. Here are the Offene and Defence Highlights.
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