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Claremont Jets thank Perth Blitz for 2020/21 Partnership

It was due to the unprecedented nature of Gridiron West Season 2020-21, a season conducted in the midst of a global pandemic, that the Claremont Jets made the decision to partner with the Perth Blitz to allow a temporarily merged club to compete in all three Gridiron West Competitions.

While having a merged club brought with it many challenges, there are notable positives that the Claremont Jets take from the Thunderbirds experience.

The partnership saw the Claremont Jets emerge from COVID-19, having not only mitigated any impact but in a far stronger financial position than where we had entered the season. A financial position that will allow the club to tackle any future challenges and one that will allow us to invest back into the club and continue to provide the best possible experience for our members.

Additionally, our partnership with the Perth Blitz allowed the Jets to field teams in the Mens, Womens and Under 19s Competition, a first in the long history of our club. Having a Womens team associated with our club was a clear highlight for the Season 2020-21 and it is a priority for the Claremont Jets in 2021-22 to ensure that the Claremont Jets field a Womens team in forthcoming seasons.

However, it has become apparent, that the direction determined by the Claremont Jets Board elected at our Annual General Meeting does differ significantly from the direction indficated by our counterparts at the Perth Blitz. It is due to this significant difference in direction and ideology of the boards of the two clubs that the Claremont Jets have made the difficult decision not to renew this partnership in 2021-22 and not to pursue a formal merger of the two clubs.

The Jets would like to thank the Blitz for their partnership over the past year and wish them all the best with the seasons to come.


Kipp Crosby-Clague
Claremont Jets Gridiron Club

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