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Jets take on new Leadership

The Claremont Jets have taken on new board members and elected a new President Bart Mills. Bart has been active taking on a new club head coach and new players from the US! New elected members of the board are as Follows:

Club President: Bart Mills
Club Vice President: Mark Stanley-Smith
Club Club Treasurer: TBA
Club Secretary: Simon Robinson
GW Representative: Rory Bannon
Council Liaison: David Mulcahy
Club Recruitment Mangers: Bart Mills, Mark Stanley-Smith
Import Player Manger: David Mulcahy
Game Day Manager: Tamas Kepes
Senior Player Rep: Scott Sladden, Kipp Crosby
Rookie Player Rep: David Tunnicliffe, Patrick Crequer
Junior Player Rep: Will Bevan, Harvey Wiggett
Social Events: Scott Sladden, Nicholas Cook, Ethan Wren, Michael Crofts
Social Media: Simon Robinson, Mark Stanley-Smith, Jared Smith, Michael Crofts, Bart Mills, Matt Martin

The next committee meeting is on the 2nd of may ,7pm at Burgermeister on 170B Hampden Rd Nedlands.

All persons including players/supporters past and present are welcome to attend. Please email all Ideas, proposed events and points of interest to club secretary Simon Robinson – We will allow time to discuss all points raised via email.

Mark Stanley-SmithClaremont Jets Vice President

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